Current Crushes


In today’s Current Crush edition we will start at the left top corner, with the “I don’t Sweat I Shine” Water Bottle, this thing seriously jumped out at me while shopping at Francesa’s, and it makes me smile.  Side note if you don’t watch The Mindy Project you should, this water bottle totally reminds me of Mindy and her performance rhinestones.

Next up let’s talk books, real books not those downloaded ones, here are four books every fashionista needs The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman, Tiffany Style: 170 Years of Design, Yves Saint Laurent: Style, and Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age…these are the perfect coffee table books.  Whenever I’m needing a little fashion inspiration I love to look through them.


If you haven’t heard of Fitz and Floyd you are totally in for a treat they make the most beautiful home goods and these candles never disappoint.  This amazing candle is the Damask White Tea Scented 3 Wick Jar Candle and the fragrance is light and beautiful.  I got this one for a total steal at Home Goods, which rocked.


How cute is this Jewelry tray!?!  Starting from the top left corner we have three bracelets by Sequin, a Tribal Bird Ring by Ariella, and unfortunately I don’t know who made these earrings, but they are so funky and have the coolest backing, I will post similar ones at the end so don’t forget to scroll down and check out all the items in this post.
CurrentCrushes2.11.15Last but not least the “Follow you arrow wherever it points” Notebook (Similar here) another Home Goods find and Arrow Necklace by Nadri at Nordstrom.  I have a slight obsession with arrows, I LOVE them.

I hope you enjoy my Current Crushes, what are you crushing on right now, comment below and let me know.


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