Lazy Rainy Sunday

Coffee n Rain-7

My oh my, it’s raining in sunny San Diego?! Although much appreciated, it has lead to some extreme laziness on my part.  Lounging in pajamas all day really can be the best ever!

Coffee n Rain-2

One of my favorite past times on rainy days is curling up with a blanket, a coke zero, and watching movies. So today’s blog I will dedicate to a few of my favorite things and movies worth watching on a rainy/snowy/dreary day (or on any day).

Coffee n Rain-6
Coffee n Rain-3
Coffee n Rain-5

A few movies listed in no particular order

  • Serendipity – who doesn’t love a romantic comedy, and this one is one of my all time favorites
  • The Blind Side – a little heart warming tale to pull at those heart strings (I’m actually watching this as I’m writing this)
  • Warm Bodies – Zombies, laughter, a love story, equals fun perfection
  • The Goonies – let’s pull out some nostalgia here and go back to the 80’s

Tasty little snack/treat for a rainy day

  • Coffee & Bailey’s to wake up with
  • A little later some crackers, cheese and meats, oh my

Today’s outfit of the day, Victoria’s Secret pajamas


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