Sparkle, Shine & Floral Current Crush Edition

IMG_1164-1That moment when your boyfriend says change into your workout clothes and your like “You’re looking at them! These are performance rhinestones. They won’t flake off if you sweat!” courtesy of Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project.

Confession time I might have these moments a lot! From workout gear to sleepwear, I love to add a little or a lot Sparkle, Shine & Floral and show off my girlie side. I have adored the tennis skirt years, way before they came out with the running skirt (this girl has never loved running more, okay I’m lying I still don’t like running, haha).  Check out my favorite fitness skirt below, it sits perfectly and never rides, nike really cornered the market with this one.

When I came across the Make + Model sweater above I fell in love. I actually bought another one in black, that has a sparkle leopard print on the shoulder, both are my go to lounge wear.  I wish they were still available so I could share them with you and if they do pop back up on Nordstrom, you will be the first to know.  To keep you shining until then I did find the below items that are totally adorable from Nordstrom.

Current Crush ~ Sparkle & Shine Items



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