Weekend Style Flashback 80’s


Wow time really does fly by, between two very busy weeks at work, weekends full of events and ultimately getting sick I have been sadly MIA for a long time.  Sorry about that everyone, but I’m back! This weekend I’m dedicating my posts to my love for theme parties.  You are never to old to play dress up, so when my friend hosted an 80’s Brunch Club I was super excited.

What is Brunch Club you ask?  My close friends and I do this amazing thing called Brunch Club and you should all start one today with your friends.  Basically it is a reason for us to all get together, as you get older you realize it’s a lot harder to get the whole gang together. Each person get’s a month to host Brunch Club, the host for the month then organizes the time, place and for the last one my friend Jared decided he wanted a theme!!!

Now anyone who knows me, knows I basically have a costume closet (now temporary storage unit) stock full of all sorts of costumes, ranging from pure vintage gold to right out the bag gear.  That being said with my busy schedule I did not have time to run to the unit and grab one of those awesome costumes.  So I thought to myself I must have something in my closet that resembles the 80’s and voila. Enjoy!

What I am wearing: (what’s great is everything here can be re-worked and worn separately)

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